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June 12, 2008



The dichotomy is fascinating...old age traditionalism finds expediency on the web...for these sites to be effective, they have to, at some level, be meat markets...Whats disturbing is the trend that a lot of people on there have not volunteered their own info, but have been listed by others!

On the flip side, the sites have made arranged marriages hip ('its like dating online, but its for life' :P)...the CEO of Shaadi.com is practically a celebrity on Indian news channels.

Surya's swayamvara for eligible suitors (verbally administered of course) :
Spell 'definitely', 'receive', 'effect' (as a noun) and 'lose' (as in the opposite of 'win')


Most profiles in shaadi.com or other such sites suffer from bad english. And this is all the more appalling since the ppl there are supposedly doctors,engineers, managers and what not. U will find tons of funnier profiles there if u just look round..


Wow, I'm impressed by your candor. I'm actually a half South Indian, half white (for lack of a better way to put it) single woman who has fought through my family wanting me to date, not to date and wanting to find me someone on a matrimonial site. The only advantage I have is that my sister is not married so my parents do not pressure me. I'm actually looking to move to the UAE which is how I found your blog. I actually had a conversation with my father about spelling on American dating sites and Indian matrimonial sites and he became upset when I told him that I automatically reject ALL men who cannot spell, regardless of what they look like or how much money they were likely to make. I am still debating moving to the UAE, would you recommend it?

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