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September 16, 2008



“They hate us for our freedoms” has been pounded into the subconscious mind of many an American,

This is true but only insofar as they = radical Islamic extremists.

"freedom of speech, democracy and access to knowledge, with the caveat that most of those interviewed did not think that Islamic values should be compromised in the process."

Freedom of speech that precludes anything negative about Islam isn't much freedom.

"The popular yet misconceived image of the Muslim woman needing to be “saved” from her culture and religion is not only wrong, but is in sharp contrast to what the Muslim women have expressed."

I'll wager if you asked those 19 Saudi girls that were locked in a burning school because they were not wearing their abayas might ask for saving.

"Muslim women across the globe did not feel like their culture or religion obstructed the recognition of their right to emancipation and gender parity."

They may want to take a look around. The only places on Earth where women are disenfranchised and unemancipated are Muslim nations. Funny coincidence that.

"Even the most educated of Muslim women in American intellectual discourse have expressed a certain ambivalence with white Western feminism. Feminist theories taught in classes in the United States just did not strike a cord with Muslim women, and for good reason too."

Probably because they're not morons like the people teaching classes on feminism in the US.

"Their struggles, no matter how noble at the time, do not represent the struggles and hopes of Muslim women today."

True. Western women are whining about pay equity and Muslim women are worried about having their heads sawn off in order to protect their family's "honor"

"Over half of women in the Muslim world today are illiterate, and millions are living in poverty."

Please reconcile this fact with their belief that they are not constrained by their culture or religion.

"It is no surprise then, that the study finds that Muslim women’s concerns are not particularly gender-related but rather refer to the economic grievances of their societies."

Well, when you're wondering where your next meal is coming from gender issues seem a distant concern.

"A better US foreign policy can start by understanding the people they are trying to "help", and actually listening to their grievances, hopes and beliefs."

"You cannot enforce a culture or a set of beliefs on someone, and it is certainly immoral to assume that you can do so militarily."

Moral or not you can do it. Japan used to be rather militaristic. Two big bombs changed that tune.

Muslims in the study (men and women alike), said that the most important thing Westerners can do to improve relations with their societies is to respect Islam and to “regard Muslims as equals, not as inferior.”

Unless your faith cannot withstand criticism or scrutiny it is inferior. When your faith proscribes death for apostates it is inferior. When I hear the Muslim world renounce violence and embrace the "kufar" as his brother and declare human rights universal I'll start accepting them as equals.

"And maybe it is high time that America do just that. It is crucial for Americans to understand that while extremists dominate their news coverage, it is the Muslim moderates that actually dominate the faith. Let's hope this new book makes that clear."

We'd love to hear from the moderates. You outnumber the extremists. Police your own house so we don't have to.

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